Mesquite Oil Candle Set - TT078


The Mesquites (Prosopis spp.) can be quite variable in color, from golden tones to reddish browns, as shown in this pair of oil candle bases.

Sold as a pair only.

NOTE: Unlike the other oil candles available on this site, the oil jars in this set are glued in place, so please take extra care when filling them to avoid spills.

2.1" high x 2.8" diameter.

WARNING: BURN AT YOUR OWN RISK! Wood is flammable!

Please fill the jars carefully, and wipe off any spilled oil before attempting to light the wick. Keep the exposed wick as short as possible to avoid smoking. Place candle on a non-flammable surface.

Remember, NEVER leave any oil candle burning unattended!

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