Maple Shaker Set 2
"Plain and Fancy"


These two shakers were turned from the same block of figured Bigleaf Maple (Acer macrophylla). Their character differences deserve recognition, so I have dubbed this pair "Plain and Fancy". "Plain" has seven holes, "Fancy" has five. They are stoppered with rubber bungs in the bottom. The inside is unfinished.

Dimensions: 4.0" high x 2.3" diameter

Maple Shaker Set 2

Care Instructions
If the outsides get sticky, as shakers do, wipe them with a damp cloth and dry with a towel. The shakers can be also be washed by hand with warm soapy water, but please don't let them soak. Rinse well, and allow to air dry for a day or two, with the stoppers removed, before refilling.

Tip: In humid climates, a teaspoon of raw rice in the salt shaker will help keep the salt flowing smoothly.

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