“Black Decorative and functional at the same time, boxes hold the promise of something delightful inside. My boxes come in two basic styles: loose-lid or slip-fit.

Loose-lid boxes are very practical because you need only one hand to open them and the contents are not likely to spill out. They work well on the dresser to hold rings, or on a desk to hold clips or candies.

Slip-fit boxes require two hands to open, and the tightness varies from an inhaled "sssssss" suction to a snug "pop" or "snick". Some people don't even put things into these boxes - they just enjoy opening and closing them!

Unless indicated in the description, these boxes have slip-fit lids. Note that the fit will vary with the relative humidity of the surroundings. A lid that ssssslipped gently off in Arizona where it was made might require a firm pull elsewhere.

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